Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a really great weekend! I got some of the stuff on my list done and also did plenty of relaxing. 

1. finish the patio chair project

here's a picture of the almost finished project, i need to take a new picture with their cushions and little table i've set up!

2. unpack the remaining box in the house - this did not happen

3. finish putting away winter clothes including coats in the coat closet - not even close to happening, haha

4. maybe paint some of the living room - started and then i realized it's too hot to paint so i have one half of one wall that is sand colored, haha. eventually they all will be!

5. make a meal plan for next week

6. make a picture frame meal plan thing for the kitchen, purchased a frame last weekend for $1!

also done, yay! i haven't found a printable i like yet but i did super glue magnets and fix the frame so i can put it on the fridge

7. finish purchasing and mailing a birthday gift and a wedding gift - ugh did not happen and my gift was already late. oh well, you can't win them all

8. relax with the family and play with the dogs! 

9. force matt to take a new picture with me - this may never happen, lol. matt hates having his photo taken, i'm going to make it happen one day! i did get one of him cuddling with Lady. 

I ended up going out for dinner and drinks with some new friends Saturday night so that took away some time from getting some stuff done. It was worth it though! It was a beautiful night out by the water. I don't think I could have been outside anywhere else though, the breeze made it feel a good 15 degrees cooler!

We also went to think new little bait shop we found called, get ready for it, The Bait Shop, haha that sells shrimp. Their shrimp are so good and fresh and cheaper than anywhere else. We will definitely be going back all summer!

we took the dogs with us and i forced Cajun in to a photo shoot :)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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Alyssa said...

I love how you're so crafty and Pinteresty! I need to start being more like that!