Wednesday, June 27, 2012

it's hump day!

i have post stay-cation blues this week. i can't help but remember that this time last week i was doing this.

and this week my view is this

minus the diet coke. i haven't had any caffeine since friday and like i texted my husband earlier today, surprisingly i am still awake!

it's supposed to be 110 with the heat index here this weekend which means i probably will be catching up on zero yard work or anything else outside. 

therefore i must make myself work in the garden this afternoon when i get home because it is gorgeous outside. gorgeous. 

i have four more flowering plants and some basil to put in our second flower bed. 

i'm planting the basil in a little pot to put high up on a shelf on the porch. lady loves anything green. basil is apparently very high on the list because she ate my entire plant when i had it where she could reach them. 

speaking of the dogs they love. LOVE. LOVE. their new back yard. their favorite thing is when i leave the side door open (it opens to the carolina room which they can get to the back yard from) and they can run in and out. they both sometimes come in all excited and you can almost hear them saying OMG mom we are having SO much fun, haha.  maybe i'm the only one who talks for and to my dogs ;) but we have numerous conversations like this when it's just us at home. 

just call me the crazy dog lady. 

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Alyssa said...

110. Shoot me now. Oh my word!