Thursday, March 22, 2012

thankful thursday

two posts in one day. i know i know, it's a lot for me ;) but i felt like sharing what i was thankful for today was important! :)

i'm thankful for.....

my two dogs who are always there to greet me when i get home. i swear almost no one or nothing can make you feel as loved as an animal that is happy to see you. i love the hugs and kisses i get when i first walk in the door.

my incredible husband who reminds me when i'm being a little neurotic, haha.  he always finds a solution to our problems, even when i get frazzled and feel like there isn't one.

my family who is there for me no matter what. i am one lucky girl to have them all in my life. ** and as a side note could you say a prayer for my grandmother today? she's having some complications with her wegener's granulomatosis and just isn't feeling terrific these days.

my job that allows me to take brain and blog breaks when i realllly need to! :)

date night tomorrow night!!! pizza and the hunger games. i'm lucky that my husband liked the books almost as much as me. i can't wait to see the movie with him :)

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that tomorrow is friday! i need a weekend very badly. my house and laundry need a weekend really badly too. as do all the boxes that are currently stacked in our house. i still haven't received any offers from people to come over and pack for me, haha.

that the sellers for our house are going to fix the termite infestation and damage. we were quoted at almost $2000 to fix and i was a blubbering mess for a few minutes. feels so good to know it's one less thing we have to take care of before we move in.

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Ryan said...

Love these! I'll be praying for your grandmother - hope she feels better!

And I'm SO excited about Hunger Games. I so wish my husband was a reader - he doesn't understand at all why I stayed up past 1:00 AM several nights last week to re-read these books! SO good! :)