Wednesday, March 7, 2012

random randoms

it's been so long since i posted! it's been busy since last thursday. this weekend was interesting.

we met with our realtor sunday and talked about options. we made some decisions but i'm scared to share in case things don't work out. hopefully i will have some news to share soon. that's about all i have to say on the house front!

sunday lady had another seizure :( it was awful and she was so pitiful. it happened pretty late so we decided the best thing was to wait until the morning and go to the vet then. i took her in first thing and they ran a ton (of super SUPER expensive) blood work on her. everything looked good, which for her means a diagnosis of epilepsy. right now we just have valium to give her as needed. hopefully she doesn't have any additional seizures, but if she does we are prepared. depending on the rate and severity she may eventually be put on phenobarbitol to prevent the seizures from happening. cajun was beside himself with worry while it was happening. i'm just so relieved she's ok i didn't even mind paying the vet bill.

here's lady and her super cute ears on our walk monday afternoon :) cajun was too busy on this walk to have his picture taken. too many cool smells in the woods for him!

other than that it's been life as normal. the office is super quiet this week which is nice. i'm checking things off and getting things done. ready for another weekend.

 last weekend we got a ton of rain which was great but because of it i didn't really leave the house. so i have a lot of errands to run this weekend! i did however catch up on laundry and organizing the house. what i really need to do is start going through things and boxing them up. no matter what we won't be staying in our current apartment after our lease runs out. i hate the actual physical moving of things from one place to another. luckily we found a reasonable moving company that i believe we'll be going with. that will make it much better. i still have to pack though. and our storage area on the patio is so scary. anyone want to come and organize and pack for me????

i did find one awesome trick on pinterest that i have to share! i saw it on another blog (can't remember which one now) and decided to look it up myself. now i can't find it :( but you use the dryer sheets to clean your baseboards. i haven't done the whole house but oh my word it helped out so much in the area i did try in! no more of that dust trail you leave when you use a rag and spray. and bonus it smells nice. 

i did find this link:

it doesn't show the baseboard trick but, it does list some other awesome ways to use dryer sheets!

and that's the excitement for my week! hah!

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Crissy B. said...

So sorry to hear about your puppy and the seizures! I'm excited that you found my blog! Happy to be a new follower of yours!