Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Challege: Day 2

Valentine’s Day Challenge

I'm linking up with Amber, Neely, and Casey again for the Valentine's Challenge. 

I was kind of worried posting this, like what is the person I went on this date with read this, haha. I would feel terrible, but I'm also pretty sure he won't and doesn't even know I blog, so there!

So today's topic is:
Day 2: Worse Date Ever
I tried online dating right after I turned 27. I got really lucky and Matt was the third person I met online and went out on a date with. The second person was ok, we just didn't click, he was a great guy though and I hope he's found someone by now! However, the first guy was interesting, very very interesting. 

It was our first time meeting and I didn't want anything too private or too long (just in case). 
We met for appetizers at this local steakhouse chain. I could tell from the minute he walked up we probably wouldn't work and I know that's terrible but I just got this feeling. We sat down and started small talk and at first it was you know boring but 'ok'. Then, he started asking me questions about my sex life. How I viewed sex in a relationship, what was important to me in the bedroom, he basically talked about sex the rest of the date.  

You see that red heart up at the top? Yeah that was the color of my entire body. Even my elbows were blushing. I mean come on that is a question you ask someone much much much much further in to the relationship, right? I'm not crazy. Not good first date material, right?

I had a friend call (so thankful I was smart enough to do that!) and cut the date off early. He called twice that night and sent me two emails telling me how great I was and how he thought we had great chemistry and brought up sex AGAIN! So I sent him a very nice reply back that while he was a great guy I just didn't think we were going to work out. He kept calling and emailing. So, I blocked his number and profile from my online dating profile and also blocked his email address. 

Thankfully he didn't scare me away from online dating completely or I would never have met Matt! But, man I definitely had some second thoughts. And the next time I went on a date we met at a bookstore, haha. 

I think that might have been some of the most awkward moments of my life, sitting in that booth having him question me about sex. 


Mandy said...

That is a terrible date!
Found you through the V-Day linkup and I'm following you.

Casey said...

Ladies don't kiss and tell - ESPECIALLY on a 1st date!

Thanks for linking up to the Valentine's Challenge with us!