Friday, November 25, 2011

being thankful day 26

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! i know we did :) this is the first year that matt didn't work on thanksgiving. i am so thankful for the time we got to spend together yesterday. we've never had a thanksgiving together that didn't involve rushing or him having to go to bed early so he could go work overnight. can i just say it was amazing?

we had our usual weekend breakfast of eggs and bacon yesterday. then i cooked a pumpkin pie and some sweet potatoes. we gave the dogs their very own special thanksgiving treat. peas, apples and the heart/liver/gizzard chopped up together. they were in heaven for about 25 seconds, then all the food was gone. they tried to look pitiful enough to get seconds but i tried to explain to them that turkeys only have one of each organ, they weren't impressed with my response.

we went to our new friend's house in the afternoon and ate a late thanksgiving lunch with them. they have two dogs of their own, miniature daschunds, too cute! dinner was delicious including the best yeast rolls ever. every time i compliment someone on their rolls they always tell me they are the frozen kind. looks like i need to invest in some! we stayed and chatted and watched the dallas football game with them, i can't even remember who they played. i just know matt was happy because they won!

the dogs of course were very upset that we had 'cheated' on them. we got the twice over with both noses and some very nasty looks. i gave them a scoop of pumpkin with dinner and all was forgotten, haha. we actually didn't last very long after we got home, turkey coma had us go to bed early. matt thinks he's getting a cold too. i told him to stay away! i do not need to get sick! not that he does either, he took some day quil and chugged an emergen-c. let's hope it helps!

and we did not participate in black friday, at least the leaving the house version. we did snag a couple of great deals for family for christmas online. and then i got a free magazine subscription from plum district today, woohoo! and i have another $15 dollars to use between now and Christmas with plum district. I'll probably grab one more gift from them and other than needing to find some pjs for his grandma we are DONE. feels so great.

matt has to work this evening, so i'll probably decorate for Christmas while he's gone. surprise him with that and dinner when he gets home! :) guess i better start getting the boxes out!

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