Tuesday, November 22, 2011

being thankful day 22: serious and not so serious

not so serious thing i am thankful for: pandora. seriously. how would i get through the day without some pandora?

serious thing i am thankful for: growing up in a Christian household. when matt comes home and tells me stories about the kids he subs for or i watch the news or see kids in walmart, etc etc i realize just how different life is for some kids and how lucky i am that i grew up in the family i did. and how different it is being a kid now vs. when i was a kid. i guess i should also be thankful for that. i can't imagine what life is like for some of these kids. and the words and things they know. things i did NOT know when i was their age. it actually makes me incredibly sad for them. and makes me even more thankful that i have the family i do and i grew up in the time and way that i did. thankful thankful thankful.

on to less pressing matters, or kind of pressing.....my turkey is still a little frozen. my fridge works too well. hopefully it will thaw out soon, now that i have adjusted the fridge and said a few not so nice words. also i'm making a crust-less pumpkin cheesecake for thursday. matt and i are going to go over to his friend's house (who just moved here, who we had dinner with last week). it should be fun. i'm starting to miss my family a lot though! i think i'll probably be on the phone with them a lot thursday. meaning more than i am usually which is at least twice a day. i guess that's closer than a lot of families are, but i'm thankful i am still that close to them! :)

if you have a second please say a prayer for my grandfather. he has an abdominal aneurysm and they finished his tests and decided that instead of surgery they're going to do a procedure that involves going up the aorta through his groin. he's very nervous and convinced he's going to die. he could definitely use a few prayers!

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