Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Running Bug

Every time I volunteer at a race of any sort whether it be a 5K, half marathon or marathon, I leave with the running bug. It might not seem like a lot of fun to stand around and hand out bagels or water for 6 hours (man standing in place for 6 hours makes me sore :)), but it so is!

The energy at any race is infectious. It's so funny to see the many different runners come through. There are the I'm high on running and life this is the best day ever people. There are the I'm so freaking happy this is over people. The why in the hell did I think I could do this people. The barely crawled across the finish line people. And a slew of them in between.

I think my favorite people are actually the ones who kind of hate life at the moment. Because, when you tell them Congratulaions, you're awesome here's a cookie they get the biggest smile on their face. (I actually got to change from bagels to cookies half way through today. Let me tell you people love the cookie lady!) Even if they had to drag themselves across the finish line having multiple people tell them they're awesome definitely increases their self esteem. And I love seeing that.

Watching the people who ran the race today I kind of wondered what that would be like as a living. I haven't done any research in to it, but the thought crossed my mind today. How much fun it would be to help run the race. Be one of the people who gets a 'staff' tshirt and tell the cookie hander outers what to do. I'm sure like any job it would have it's annoyances. But, I can imagine some days it would be the best thing ever.

I also left today wanting to run more. I started C25K again this week. I got fitted for shoes this week and I'm just ready to be one of those people crossing the finish line!

I know I can do it, and now I just need to find a great race. I'm worried it's getting to hot for me. Today I sweated my brains out and I wasn't even running. So, I might have to wait for either an evening or fall run. But, until then I'm going to really recommit myself to running!

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Lauren Nicole said...

I want to get back into running I think but it's always so darn hot here in Florida! :-(