Monday, March 25, 2013

On Hold

I feel like so many parts of my life are on hold right now. Every time I go to make a decision I have to think well let's wait and see what Grandaddy's doctors say. 

Right now the latest we've been told is that he probably has two to three months. He had a PET scan Friday and he's seeing his oncologist today so hopefully we will know more this afternoon. He also goes in to try for a stent in his bile duct again tomorrow. The first time around there was too much fluid and inflammation for them to do anything. He's had a drain bag and been on meds since last week. They think he would feel much better if he could get the stent put in. 

I do have some exciting things happening though. One of my friends from college, Kate, is visiting this week! We have lots of fun things planned for while she's here :)

And we found a new place to move to in May. We're going back to an apartment but to a community with a lot of perks. Dog park, tennis courts, etc. I really don't like taking care of a yard. I know the dogs like the back yard but I like the idea of a dog park that someone else takes care of. Nature and I generally don't get along. I love being outside and hiking, etc. But, weeding and mowing when you're allergic to everything that grows stinks. So, we're just done. I'm pretty excited about the change. I want to move now, haha. 

If you could keep praying for my Grandfather. That his stent can be put in and that he can be as comfortable as possible. And I know it probably sounds silly but that he can make it until September. My Grandparent's 55th wedding anniversary is in mid-August and we really want them to be able to celebrate together. 

Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

I have been praying for your grandfather.

Congratulations on the new place! I dislike apartments for some reasons, but I understand why they are a good choice for you, because of your allergies. Sometimes it is nice to have someone else be responsible for the yard care.

Nichole said...

I'm so sorry Amber. Praying for things to go smoothly.