Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Funny Story

Last night at 4 am my dogs both needed to go to the bathroom. I wasn't excited but I got up because they haven't quite figured out how to use the toilet ;)

While they were outside I decided to unload and reload the dishwasher, normal thing to do at 4 am, right? 

In the middle of reloading Lady started barking like crazy, probably at a leaf, squirrel, cat or light. Something that I needed to be VERY worried about. So I went to quiet her. 

Cajun then decided that he wanted to lick some of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, that I happened to leave open, while I was gone. When I walked back in Cajun tried to get his head out quick and managed to get his collar stuck on the bottom drawer. He got really scared that I would be mad and moved back very quick when he did that he ripped the drawer out. He ended up slamming in to the opposite wall in the kitchen. It just so happens there is a wire shelf that is one of those build a shelves on the opposite side hidden under the breakfast nook. Well when he slammed in to it, it completely broke apart and everything fell off. 

So at 4 am I had a kitchen full of dirty dishes and the contents of my shelving unit. 

I picked it up as best as possible and we all went back to sleep. 

My poor buddy Cajun was shaking from head to toe when he got in bed. I guess he thought we were going to kill him! Instead I gave him a hug and kiss and rubbed him to sleep. 

And then the alarm went off way too early this morning. 

Guess who DIDN'T get out of bed when it went off? ;) 

I love my crazy dogs but I sure am looking forward to a nap later on!

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Robin said...

Aaaw poor Cajun!

(Sorry if you get this comment twice. Blogger was acting up.)