Thursday, August 9, 2012

drive on

i heard this song on pandora the other day and i was reminded of how much i used to love trisha yearwood. and that me think about driving. because all good music makes you think of driving, no?

matt is not a fan of driving.

 luckily i love it. 

i remember getting my license when i was 16 and how i learned to drive on a dirt road in a giant old lincoln. it was powder blue and longer than any car should legally be able to be. 

we didn't have a lot of money growing up so just having a car to learn to drive on was a luxury. 

i got really lucky in high school because my great aunt was selling her really old ford tempo. that poor car i think we paid like $900 for it. i remember driving to north carolina with my family to pick it up. it was in ok shape when i started driving it but towards the end of it's life the windows wouldn't roll down and it made a lot of unhappy noises. 

sadly i can't find any pictures of her.

i think this means i need to dig deeper in to my old high school things. 

i'm on my fourth car now and each one i've had has such great memories. 

college memories. 

memories of driving to florida and massachusetts for jobs and internships. 

friends new and old. 

family trips. 

meeting matt and falling in love. 

and now my new car and all the new places it's taken me. 

one fun fact about all my cars was that i always had the license plate JLYFSH. that is until i moved to south carolina and dealt with their dmv. maybe one day i will get my jlyfsh back.  the toyota is still referred to as jlyfsh, whether or not she has that on her plate that will always be her name. 

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Alyssa said...

I looove that song!! What sweet memories you have! I love that!