Friday, July 27, 2012

international phone call

Last month one of my best friends from college moved to England!

Source: via Celinda on Pinterest

I'm so very excited for her, but I miss her. We haven't lived close to each other in about 8 years but, we've always been able to call or text. Since she's been 'across the pond' we haven't been able to do that. 

Thankfully she's finally settled and we have our first international phone date tonight! I'm so excited! So many things we need to catch up on and I'm mostly just excited to hear her voice. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! :)


Alyssa said...

Aw! That's awesome!! Enjoy every second of it! :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

enjoy your call! so sweet

happy friday! come say hi at!

Holly said...

LOL I love that British accent thing! So funny! I have a few friends who I can make fun of with this. Excellent. :P

Megan said...

Awww, that's so exciting!! I hope that y'all had fun!!