Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I won a giveaway! I'm so excited. I might have peed a little when I read the email. I never win anything. 

Well not entirely true. When I was little I liked to fill out those cards for cars, random things in stores, etc for my Mom. She once got a call about a car, that seemed to probably be some sort of shady contest. I filled it out in a little take away Chinese restaurant. She watched me like a hawk when we went to places with those after that, haha. 

Then when I was in 5th grade I filled out a card for a giant Frankenstein at Hallmark. He looked kind of like this guy:

And we won him!! He was part of our Halloween decorations for many years, until one sad Halloween Frankenstein wouldn't stay inflated.....

And now I've won a giveaway from  Nathan at Life & Everything Else in Between!

You can ready about what I won here

It's nice to read a blog from the male perspective and he has a cute dog and a cute daughter! You should head on over to his blog and check it out! :)

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