Thursday, April 5, 2012

it's ok it's thankful thursday!

you might have noticed that i made some changes to the blog! hope it looks a little cleaner and is a little easier to navigate :)

i'm linking up with neely and amber for it's ok thursday and mrs. hargrave for thankful thursday!


Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok....

....that some weeks I only have time to post on Thursdays

.....that's I've already had 2 diet cokes today....

.....that I really wanted the lunch I brought so I ate that for breakfast and I'm eating breakfast for lunch :)

...that I spent an hour or so making some fun changes to my blog this morning instead of working (whoops!)

....that some weeks I just don't have the energy to say yes to everyone I want to 

.....that I refuse to go outside again unless necessary until all the mosquitoes die....See you in the Fall! Hah! :(


I'm Thankful That....

An old college friend is in town and I get to meet up with her for a fun afternoon tomorrow!

That I've had the chance to really go through our stuff getting ready for the move. Nothing feels better than donating 3 (don't judge, haha) bags of clothes that have been sitting in our closet and dresser and haven't been worn since we moved in almost a year ago. 

AfterBite exists. Never heard of it? Go to Walmart and buy some. My bug bites were so itchy and yes afterbite is really painful at first but it's a good painful, haha. Does that make sense? And now I no longer feel like scratching my arms and legs off :)

That the house process really seems to be moving along! Hopefully in the next week we'll be setting our closing date, yay! 

That tomorrow is Friday! :)


Ryan said...

Thanks so much for linking up again! :)

And I am DYING for Diet Coke (only three more days!), so pretend one of yours was for me. :)

Alyssa said...

Love the new changes! It's definitely okay to have 2 Diet Cokes! Sometimes, it's just "that kinda day!"

Monica said...

Lol I've had 2 big gulps of diet coke so your actually doing good!!! Lol lol I'm so in love with diet coke it might be a problem!!!