Saturday, January 28, 2012

oh, saturday

oh it's saturday, that i can be thankful for. i woke up today not feeling terrific (hormonal, blah blah blah), so while matt works i'm enjoying some time in bed relaxing with the dogs. today was their day for flea and heartworm medicine, so they're feeling a little blah too, haha. i think we all kind of feel like this little guy...

hopefully he got that little strawberry and our day starts to turn around ;)

the only other crappy thing that happened today was in my cranky/not feeling well mood i grabbed the giant bottle of dawn instead of the dishwaster detergent. yeah.....know how that ends? with bubbles all over your kitchen! the crisis was averted after i cleaned the bubbles up, got all the suds/water out of the dishwasher with a bowl, and then threw some vinegar and salt in before turning it back on. could have been a much worse than it was!

now on to some fun randomness courteousy of pinterest:

i really want to try and make some wine slushies! i can't decide whether to use my moscato or another kind of wine. we'll see. it sounds delicious though!

i really like the way these books shelves look! we have four or five old books that would be perfect for this. and a few more that are the right shape that i'm thinking i could wrap with fabric of some sort that would look awesome. this might be the kind of project we save for when we move to a new rental or house. i don't really want to put this up to only take it back down.

and i really really want to try and make my own handsoap. i think i need to start assigning myself projects with deadlines so that i do some of these things!
Source: via Amber on Pinterest
and finally a happy picture. ahhhh if only it was warm enough to sit in a hammock on the beach. well i won't lie it's actually a really nice day out. naybe some time in a hammock is just what the doctor ordered for two cranky dogs and a cranky amber!

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