Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

This week has flown by. Seriously flown by. We have a workshop coming up in a few weeks at work and I feel like I've been dedicating all my time to prepping for it. That and just feeling busy. Errands after work, meeting friends for dinner, etc. I'm very glad it's the weekend!

Matt has tonight off so unlike other Friday nights that I spend alone I think we're going to do dinner and a movie for date night! :)

Plans for this weekend include cleaning, seriously, how do two people and two dogs get one apartment so messy?!?! Painting my toes, working on our taxes (ugh talk about interesting we just got married this year and moved so we have 4 w2s between two different states and we both rolled our respective 401k plans over to our new jobs so we also have reports for that, i think in total we ended up with like 10 statements, 10! ay carumba.** note: we're not doing it on our own, we're using the pay version (which we have a coupon for!) of a reputable tax site to get them done.) and grocery shopping.

 I also need to work on catching up with my word for the year which is gratitude. I have a list of people I need to catch up with this weekend and some cards to get mailed. More than likely I won't catch up with all of them. One of my friends recently sent me an email about how much it sucks to be an adult sometimes. Gone are the days of catching up on Friday nights with a bottle of wine without a care in the world. We now have babies, jobs, husbands, dogs, etc that get our attention first. The wine is still present though, we just have to send pictures of it to each other in stead of drinking while on the phone ;)

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