Friday, December 2, 2011

happy me!

well today is the day, my 30th birthday! i think when i was 16 i thought of my 30th birthday as when i would really be an adult. really, probably up until i was 25 i felt that way. like when you're 30 your life magically comes together. true in some ways, not so true in others.

even at 25 i think i saw myself in a different career than i am in now, but i have to say, this career is perfect for me. i love what i do and i'm good at it (at least i think i am, and my boss still keeps me around, hah!). i also don't think i ever would have thought i'd be married, funny right? so many people (women most often) imagine themselves at 30 and say oh i'll definitely be married by then. but, i just never thought that. i always saw myself as single still. but here i am an old married lady! really i think it was all about finding the perfect person for me, and matt definitely fits that bill :)

i think i thought i'd own a home, but really for now the apartment is perfect for us. i'm still enjoying not having to deal with repair bills and having someone else take care of the building and grounds for us. sometimes i wish we could just let the dogs out the back door, but at the same time walking the dogs is good exercise and i love playing outside with them.

so on my 30th birthday i have a career i love, an amazing husband, two fur babies and the best friends and family a girl could ask for. what more could i want?

we're celebrating with dinner out and a local light show at the botanical gardens tomorrow. i'm looking forward to it! tonight is more low key, i mentioned in earlier blogs i've been dealing with an evil cold and i'm still not feeling 100%. more like 75% today which is an improvement, but i'm still relying on medicine to get through the day. so tonight as an ode to britney spears , who also turns the big 3-0 today, i think i will have some cheetos, a red bull, paint my nails, and read a few gossip magazines all while in comfy pjs on the couch :)

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