Sunday, November 27, 2011

being thankful day 27

i'm thankful i've had this time off of work but i'm not ready to go back. is it sad that i'm already counting down until christmas break? only 18 work days, haha! i'm also thankful for our maintenance staff here at the apartments and that i'm a renter since our air conditioning is broken again. i'm sure many of you are like air conditioning, are you crazy? it's cold! well it might be cold where you are but it's in the mid-70s here and even with the fans on and the doors/windows open it's just stuffy in here. not comfortable. and when you cook, wash clothes or run the dish washer it gets hotter in here. hopefully they will be here to fix it first thing tomorrow morning. being able to call and have someone fix it for free is nice though.

so next friday brittany spears and i will both be turning the big 3-0. i was talking to a friend recently and we realized all those things we used to talk about doing/would have done/etc revolved around the year 30 made me stop and think where am i vs where i thought i would be. it's kind of crazy to think i'm 30, i feel like i just turned 16!

time to go and make some brunch and enjoy this last day of vacation! :)

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