Sunday, September 18, 2011

labor day trip to virginia

for labor day matt, the dogs and i piled in the car and drove to virginia! i snapped not one picture while there. sigh, i am not the best picture taker. we did however have a great time! :)

we left on friday night at about 6 pm. on the way up we went through eastern north carolina on I-40 i think. it was a pleasant drive. we even went by two exits where the gas stations had doggie areas. i'm pretty sure cajun NEVER would have made it if we hadn't stopped and let him out to run. we got in to virginia at about 2 am, super late but we were so happy to get there!

saturday was a low key day. we had breakfast with my family and then caught up. the dogs loved everyone, especially my uncle. that afternoon matt took a nap and i got a chance to hang out with the girls a little bit :) it was nice to catch up with just them. then that night my sister, brother-in law robert, matt and i went to applebees for dinner. we were going to go bowling but we got there just as rock n bowl was starting and the crowd was a little too rowdy and young for us haha (i'm taking like 16 years olds!). so we went home and played the wii! it was fun.

sunday i got up and had breakfast with my family and then matt and i headed off to visit his family who lives about an hour and a half away from mine. we went and caught up with his grandparents and their dog met cajun and lady. they had a blast running around the back yard. then we went over to his sister's mother-in-law's for a cook-out. we caught up with his sister and niece and her husband and their family friends. we had a great time there but the dogs were not happy. they had to be separated from us and were so loud. if they just been quieter! after that we meandered home and then ended up playing wii again with krystle and robert, more fun again :)

monday matt slept in and i went to chick fil a for breakfast alone with my mom. it was fun :) we just hung out together and enjoyed talking like we used to for our weekly mother daughter shopping trips. then we headed home and hung out some more. we all decided to have some chinese for lunch! because even though they are a small southern town they have the best chinese food ever! so tasty. then we started to pack up :( i didn't want to go and dragged my feet. we didn't leave until almost 8 pm. it was a loooooong drive home because we started so late. we pulled in to the apartment at almost 4 am. i got about 4 hours of sleep and then headed to work. BAD decision! oh well. it was worth it to see my family!!!!

the one other thing we did while in virginia was go and get sweet frog. if you've been to a frozen yogurt bar you know the concept behind sweet frog. SO tasty and fun. i got red velvet cake yogurt with caramel sauce and little chocolate caramel candies. oh my goodness so tasty. myrtle beach is apparently getting one soon and i can't wait!

i'm already counting down until i see my family again. that's really the one down side to moving to south carolina. not being near them anymore. i miss them like crazy. some days i so wish mom and i could just hop in the car and go shopping or go get lunch with gran and grandaddy. at least we get to be home for a bit at christmas! :) can't wait for that.

hope everyone is having a good weekend. we've had a low key one. i cleaned the house literally from top to bottom and went through a stack of papers i've been collecting. most of them were bills i had paid etc that needed to either be filed or tossed. it felt good to get rid of those! we went and grabbed breakfast out at our new favorite place yesterday called litchfield house. the best little hole in the wall every. their food is perfect and tastes just like gran was back their making my breakfast (even though it was lunch time we both still got breakfast, it's just so good!). matt is getting ready to watch football which means i'm going to catch up on some magazine readings and relaxing before another week starts. i love sunday nights i just wish they didn't have to end so quickly!

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